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Eco. cuting tools
Cutting tools from Taiwan
Cutting tools from Taiwan

Milling cutters for КЖ20


LNMX301940, 191940

LNUX301940, 191940


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LenTehMash Co.Ltd. is a company-integrator in supply area of technological solutions for industrial plants of Russia and CIS countries. 

The main purpose of our work is our customer’s industrial processes optimization that makes possible to raise economical efficiency of their industrial complexes.

Our specialists carry out the process engineering, selection and integrated supply of modern metal-working machinery and support equipment, cutting tools, tooling and machine-tool attachment (including special).

LenTehMash Co.Ltd works side by side with the range of commercial agencies (such as Taiwan Development of Foreign Trade Council) from machine-tool industry countries. That’s why our company is ready to offer the most favourable prices for equipment, cutting tools and tooling taking place in our technological solutions. 

LenTehMash Co.Ltd produces the range of cutting tools, tooling and self-engineered products with the help of rented production capacity of domestic enterprises.

Our specialists realize startup and commissioning works of supplying equipment, testing of ready engineering processes, final acceptance test (by parts), customer training how to work with equipment.

After introduction into service (commissioning) of the technological solution, we provide assistance during the whole lifecycle that includes the following:

  1. Aftersales service of equipment delivered by LenTehMash Co.Ltd.
  2. Post-warranty equipment service which includes equipment delivered by LenTehMash Co.Ltd as well as by other suppliers.
  3. Selection and supply of spare parts, tear and wear parts, components.
  4. Cutting tools supply
  5. Tooling and machine-tool attachment delivery
  6. Control programs (CNC data) development  for new product range
  7. Utilization of used causing tools (inserts).
  8. Utilization of equipment and machine-tool attachment.




LenTechMash Co.Ltd. offers second-hand, demonstration and stocking CNC machines supple with the shortest time of delivery. We will assist you in the direct contract conclusion with the producer factory, help you with delivery, realize startup and commissioning works, conduct instruction of your staff. For more information please contact our subject matter specialist by the phone: +7 (911) 950 00 30.

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